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PGTAA Certified Professional Golf Instruction

Find Your Natural, Perfect Swing

may2011Many touring professionals have unique swing styles. This begs the question… is there such a thing as the “perfect swing?” I believe that there is! My philosophy is that every individual has there own natural, perfect swing, that is unique to that person.

Learn to Maximize Your Abilities

Allow me to help you find your naturally perfect swing with a combination of my keen eye, years of experience, a thorough understanding of swing mechanics, and the latest technical equipment. I’m confident I will inspire anyone who is eager to maximize their true ability as a golfer by helping them discover their own natural, perfect swing.

Works for Golfers of All Ages

“Jim’s simple and easy to remember tips have helped me end a lifelong battle with slicing the ball. After countless efforts by other pros, Jim’s keen eye for spotting what I was doing wrong and ability to communicate strategies to fix the problem have transformed my game. It takes a special talent to do what Jim does so effectively. ”
-Griff Marshall

“When I first met Jimmy I was a 21 handicap….he has me working on some key fundamental swing thoughts that have revolutionized my swing and dropped my handicap to an 8 !…..enough said.”
-Richard “The Butcher” Simpson

“Mr. Murray makes it fun to learn new stuff!”
-Nic Woo

“Jim is a fantastic instructor ! I could not have found a better person to introduce me to golf; He knows how to teach and a keen eye in evaluating my game. I started as a 40 handicap 14 months ago and am down to a 27…I’m stick’n with Jim !!”
-Himali G.

“By far the best lesson I’ve ever had. Looking forward to playing another round with you in a couple of weeks”
- David P.