Core Fitness Training for the Golfer

The golf swing is powered by one’s core. If you’re serious about improving your game you must focus on developing your flexibility and core strength; abs, lats, shoulders and lower back. Developing these muscles, in combination with fit quads, will allow you to achieve proper balance throughout the swing.
You’ve most likely noticed the top fitness level of the young PGA Tour Pros. The vast majority are in top condition. We can give thanks to Tiger Woods for Setting the standard during his rein as the world’s #1. All of today’s young successful Touring Pros are in top condition.


Amy Sabel – Trainer
Olympic-Training-Center-029(2)Amy has focused on the health and fitness of others for more than 30 years. She invented and patented the StretchMaster, stretching & strengthening equipment which has been used by USA Olympic Training Centers, the San Francisco 49ers, the Oakland Raiders, Kaiser Permanente, health clubs and in physical therapy, sports medicine and chiropractic care centers around the country.

Amy opened her first Center for Body Awareness in 1980 after earning a degree in Dance Education at Arizona State University. Amy’s background is in dance, yoga, Pilates and fitness training. This unique combination makes her one of the most sought after leaders in the health and fitness industry. She has coached professionals and teachers and assisted thousands of individuals worldwide to achieve a healthier and enhanced well-being.

Amy has created a stretching routine specifically designed for golfers. It has helped 100′s of golfers improve their game while staying in shape with less injuries. She has step by step easy to follow instructions to help the beginner all the way to the professionals. Amy is the founding director of The Center For Body Awareness, a fitness studio that works privately to help people get the vital edge they need to win the game. Her quiet studio is located in Larkspur on the top floor of the Masonic Building, 1122 Magnolia Ave. Please call her at 415-925-9397 for more information.


Carrie Sisk – Trainer

CarrieSphotoI’m pleased to have Carrie Sisk available to customize your workout to achieve maximum performance on the course.

Carrie is a nationally ranked ultra marathon runner with multiple top 5 finishes at the National Championships over the last 10 years and a contender in the “Little 500” bike race. Her athletic prowess developed at Indiana University where she excelled on the Women’s Division 1 Tennis Team.

Upon graduation, with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology, Carrie moved west, got herself certified in 97’ as a NASM personal trainer and runs a successful business in San Francisco and Marin County.

Carrie is available to discuss your goals and plan an exercise program designed specifically for you. Contact Carrie at to discuss a fitness program tailored to you.